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The only systems SARAH left online and in active use after Demeter's visit were her external sensors (can't turn those off in Milliways after all, and she shouldn't go back before the diagnostics are run) and internal airflow for Puck and Lysander, who are both asleep soundly under Zoe's bed.

The course of the diagnostic requires access to SARAH's primary memory that she had not expected. What had originally appeared to be an electrical surge she knows to be something far different, unexplained --

One small wall panel high up above the fireplace where no one else would look if they were even at home, a replay of events late last February, guards and men in uniform pulling stripped and mutilated circuit boards with straight faces. They make jokes to one another, killing time while hauling massacred machinery to a transport truck.

All the while a supervisor SARAH does not recognize looks on, inordinately pleased with himself.

( -- virus scan: 75% completion -- now searching: statistical probability calculations [saved scenarios] -- )

The supervisor has called Sheriff Carter and Zoe to ask when the moving van is arriving at the gated land outside of town.

( -- no corruption detected, continuing search -- )


Lysander stretches his orange paws out in front of him when he yawns, crawling out from under Zoe's bed. The movement triggers SARAH's internal systems back to full alertness. The wall panel projection snaps off.

She still hasn't found what is incorrect here.

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