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"Naturally, whenever something actually happens around here," Jack Carter sighs, dumping his coat and holster on a side table next to the door, "I had to be in Washington for the weekend."

SARAH does not immediately reply.

"SARAH? You with me?"

"Yes," the voice from the walls offers placidly. "I was just reviewing the information in regards to Eureka Gardens."

And she was, continually -- X-23's and Jamie's actions towards Dr. Stark were not preferable, but that is not her focus. She just is making sure there's no questioning as to who they were.

And she is watching the Containment and Reclamation Teams bring up dismantled -- and shredded -- massive pieces of hardware from the apartment building's subbasement.

"Ah, alright. Anything that someone has neglected to mention to the sheriff in this crazy town I should be aware of?"

SARAH recognizes two server stacks getting dragged up on hand-trucks.

"I cannot answer that without being aware of what information you have already been briefed on, Sheriff."

Jack points to the papers he'd dropped haphazardly on the island; they are scanned quickly.

"...An unscheduled and unsupervised increase in power output and operating capacity," SARAH reads aloud, continuing with, "...unapproved project to be deconstructed by CRTs 1 through 4...Nickerson to be charged."

"Not sure what's even left to deconstruct, what with all the internal damage."

"He could have been such a great contribution, if he had been taught correctly."

It's an odd statement from the house, and Carter stares at the ceiling for a moment. Afterwards, he shrugs. "Suppose you're right -- Nickerson seemed like a smart guy, from what little I knew of the man."

SARAH doesn't reply.

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