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It's the weekend.

"Is Pilar staying here to study or are you going over to her house, Zoe?"

It's an honest question.

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"It depends," Zoe replies. "If Dad gets home and is cranky, I'm going to her house. If not, she'll come over here."

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"There have been no seismic disturbances in Eureka in the past 34 hours."

Chances are favorable for non-cranky, is the insinuation.

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Zoe smirks. "Then she'll probably come over here since it's generally quieter than her house."

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"Anything I can do to help?"

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"Not at the moment," Zoe says. "But if you know anything about French, we might pick your brain while we study."

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"Bien sur, madamoiselle ZoƩ." After a second: "Though I suppose it is up to interpretation as to whether an accent aigu would exist instead of an umlaut for a French pronunciation of your name. I will have to research."

While accessing a FNAC database for an electronic updated Larousse:

"Did you have any pets in Los Angeles, Zoe?"

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"No, we always lived in places where we weren't allowed," Zoe says.

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"I have no regulation against having a pet."

SARAH is helpful in such ways.

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Zoe nods. "Yeah, but I doubt my dad would go for it. He'll pull the whole 'you're too irresponsible to take care of a pet' crap."

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SARAH starts to recount some of her conversation with Sheriff Carter from a few days ago.

Leaving out Jack's question of whether SARAH was the one who actually wanted a cat. Of course.

"If you are interested, it is possible that Sheriff Carter may not say no as readily as you would think."

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Just because SARAH leaves that part out doesn't mean Zoe doesn't pick up on it.

She is, after all, in some ways, her father's daughter.

"SARAH, do you want me to ask my dad for a cat?"

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To that, she gives the exact explanation to Zoe that she gave to Zoe's father:

"You would have to be willing to offer it physical affection. I am smart, not perfect."

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"Can you rig up something to take care of the litter box?" Zoe asks.

Because that would be gross.

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"I cannot fabricate the tool myself, but it would be a simple process."

Perhaps she could acquire project funding from Doctor Stark for the installation?

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"If I don't have to clean a litter box, I can totally handle the physical affection part," Zoe promises.

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"I will leave a note in the Bar for Liz. Thank you."

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Zoe smiles. "Thank you, SARAH. I've always wanted a kitten."

Yes, in some ways, Zoe Carter is a girly-girl.

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"Even possibly an interdimensional one?"

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"A kitten is a kitten, right?"

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"We hope. We do live in Eureka."

After a long second, SARAH (without revealing her searching on a wall panel) is perusing possible breeds of interest.

"You will help me think of a name?"

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"Of course," Zoe says. "Maybe we can pick something French."

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Now the wall panel does materialize:

"I have studying to do."