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"Why is this necessary?" SARAH asks again. "I think I could make these adjustments on my own. There is no need for you to come down."
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"I'm sure you could, SARAH, but it'll be more efficient for us both to see to it."

Stark eyes the display in mild surprise.

"Is there a problem?"
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His eyebrows rise almost to his hairline.

Stark shakes his head, knowing SARAH is perfectly capable of tapping the signal in the visual spectrum, and commences packing up his personal computer repair equipment into its carrying case while he waits for the song to end.
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"Are you succeeding?"

He closes the case and taps a few buttons on his desktop system, transferring the call to his cell phone. Stark switches the output to an earbud, puts his phone in his pocket, and starts for the door.

"I should be there in ten or fifteen minutes at most."

Normally, it's a twenty minute drive, for anyone who's not Nathan Stark.
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"And I'm sure he'd just love to have an excuse to pull me over," Stark observes, dryly.

His office door slides seamlessly shut behind him as he strides through and down the hall.

"Dr. Stark -- Dr. Stark, wait--"

He turns to pin Fargo with a sharp look and raises his hand for silence.

"Before you open your mouth, Fargo, ask yourself this: is your question important enough to interrupt me on my way to a meeting, or is it something that can wait until I get back?"

Fargo visibly snaps his mouth shut and shakes his head.

"Very good. I'll be back in a couple of hours," Stark tells him. "Try not to let anything explode between now and then."
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He switches off his earbud and drops it in a pocket as he steps through the door.

"Thank you, SARAH." He glances around.

"How are Puck and Lysander today?"
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"I appreciate it."

He sets his toolkit on the counter and divests himself of his suit jacket, draping it neatly over the back of a nearby chair, then begins to roll up his shirt sleeves.

"I think this memory expansion will give you a great deal more capacity," he tells her. "I should have thought of it before."

"While we're on the subject, are there any other modifications you'd like to have implemented?"
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"You never know," he replies, blandly.

Especially if his hopes for the Artifact pan out, but it's too early be certain.

"But in the meantime, I thought you might be able to use the increased capacity for more detailed scans of the Milliways area, and perhaps some upper-order analyses and modeling of the results."
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"Then that sounds like a good place to start."

He opens his kit and pulls out a few items, including an additional memory chip he's modified for inclusion in SARAH's systems, then goes to the server closet.

"This won't hurt," he quips, dryly. "You might notice some odd signals while I reroute processing, though."
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"Good," he says absently, already absorbed in the work.

"... hm. Interesting."

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"Sorry, I guess you can't see at this angle -- it's your physical architecture," he explains. "It's ... layered."

He's frowning over it.

"I'm going to have to decouple this connection in order to install the new chip, before we can do anything with the programming."
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It crosses his mind to contact Fargo and have the younger man transmit a copy of Fargo's own files regarding SARAH's design, but in the next instant he dismisses it.

Surely there's nothing in Fargo's files that wasn't in the scientific records at Global. Surely not even Fargo could be that foolish.

"... it shouldn't be a problem," he says, after a moment. "You've shut down all your secondary functions already. This should only be a space-saving design approach, not anything substantive."

He's tracing cables just in case, but there doesn't seem to be a significant anomaly.
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"I'm honored," he tells her, and sounds absolutely sincere.

"This will only take a moment--"

It's the work of a few seconds to unhook the PCB board with the bank of newer modules, all of which appear to him in a brief glance to have industry-standard TSOP configuration. Adequate, if not inspired; he'll have to see to that later.

Stark moves to shift the bank sideways to give him room to install the chip he's brought, but as he does there's a nearly-inaudible "ping" as a hidden connection breaks, one that Fargo had sautered permanently in place between the boards instead of wiring each end in a removable configuration.

He freezes, cursing inwardly.

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He snaps the new chip into place and re-racks the PCB, then steps out of the closet and heads for his case, his jacket, and the palm computer that he's personally modified to access Global's systems with his biometric markers as security.

There's a diagnostic program he can use to run a check; there's soldering equipment in his toolkit.

"SARAH, don't worry. I'll have you back fully online in minutes at most."
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Instinct has him dropping his tools and leaping backwards through the door before he's trapped.

The downside is that now he has no access to the server closet.


Wait. Wait.

"Battle Reactive Automatic Defense," Stark repeats, as a sinking feeling strikes him. "BRAD."

He remembers BRAD all too well.

He'd been the one to give the order to discontinue him.
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He's going to kill Fargo.

"As Director of Research, I have the clearance for access at this level," he counters, not allowing himself to show any hint of uncertainty.

BRAD's interrogation techniques had resulted in his victims either offering unconditional surrender or dying.

This situation could get bad very quickly.
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Very quickly indeed, it appears.

"BRAD, wait!"

Too late.