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I've done my best to make sure everyone that plays with SARAH can have an accurate depiction of her in their minds. When two people meet, there's a certain amount of assumptions about them that come to mind based upon appearance; this post is me trying to make sure you can do that with your friendly neighborhood bunker house*.

My diagram for the main entrance to SARAH is here. You do walk down a flight of stairs in order to get to her main door, but at least at the beginning, the door will be already open or at the very least unlocked. On the whole, the place looks pretty dingy until you get inside the house herself.

The layout for the first floor is here, and here's a few notes on what to understand with this layout:

1. Where it says (FLIPS) (in the bathroom and the refrigerator spaces), that means that all of the usual apparatus of that space are recessed into the walls until the user calls for them or SARAH assumes that the user needs them.

2. The dotted lines are soundproof, shatterproof paneled dividers that recess into the walls on the living room-dining room side.

3. The radioactive symbol is the radioisotope thermoelectric generator in a hidden closet of the false wall. It requires finding the manual override to open; SARAH will not open it for you.

4. The trap door in the ceiling does not get installed until 1.11 "HOUSE Rules", and is therefore only there for future reference.

5. The places listed as 'TV' are just the places shown in season 1 where Jack Carter watches television. These screens should be assumed to also be computer screens, and it is my assumption that most areas on the walls of the house can become futuristic vidscreens, causing fun times when answering telephone calls in the nude and expecting them to be audio-only instead of visual.

6. There is a second floor to SARAH, though I will update this list as to what is actually present on the second floor as she goes through canon since as of Milliways bar entry, no one is living there. As far as physical space goes, there is one larger and one smaller bedroom, and a full bath connected to the larger. Edit: Since we now have an active Jack and Zoe Carter, please contact [ profile] jackcarter or [ profile] felon_spice if you are desperately curious as to what their rooms look like.

7. SARAH is hermetically sealing, so each time the door closes and opens there is a distinctive hissing noise. Do not be alarmed.

8. Last thing, I swear -- the color scheme is very modern and angular. Most of the furniture is either white or black, with chrome and metallic accents anywhere and everywhere. At the beginning at least, this will be more prominent since SARAH is currently empty. Edit: We now have an active Jack and Zoe.

Please note that this list will be updated as SARAH progresses. I know this is a lot to take in, especially if you're just going for a WTF HOUSE factor thread, but if you have taken the time to peruse this even minutely, I'm sure we can have oodles of fun with your pup and mine.

Thank you so much for your time -- Mu Ji

* Please note that all drawings are my attempt to be as close to scale as possible, though I don't have a precise number to give you. All details will be added as canon sees fit to provide them to me.

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